Looking for a professional organization to join within the agricultural communications industry that will offer new ideas, information and advancement? Look no further. 

We've got 5 reasons why the Ag Communicators Network is the association for you.

1. Stay up to date on News and Trends in the Ag media industry
Our official association newsletter, The ByLine in Brief, features the latest news and trends in our constantly evolving industry. Members can learn the latest happenings, share ideas and professional insight, and keep up with colleagues in our weekly newsletter. There’s no better place to learn about the most recent professional concerns or innovations than through AAEA.

2. Grow and excel as a professional communicator - and learn from the best.
We make every opportunity a learning opportunity. Members grow personally and professionally by engaging in workshops and webinars on writing, social media, ethics and more! Participants in our awards contests receive constructive criticism from their peers. ACN also partners with the AAEA Professional Improvement Foundation and the International Federation of Ag Journalists to provide international learning experiences.

3. Discounted access to Ag Media Summit
Come to the Ag Media Summit, a joint meeting between AAEA, Livestock Publications Council, and the ABM AgriCouncil and be a part of the largest gathering of crop and livestock media professionals in the U.S. AAEA also hosts regional meetings, workshops and webinars for our members to grow their professional skills and cultivate contacts from around the country.

4. Stand out and be recognized for excellence!
We recognize our members for a job well done. Our well-known annual awards program is an opportunity to showcase your best work through design, photography, writing, marketing and communications, and digital and social media contests. We publish and celebrate annual winners on the website, in our newsletter, on social media, and with other industry press.

5. Make lifelong connections
You'll benefit from networking opportunities with writers, editors, photographers, and other communication professionals across the U.S. and Canada. Our events, programs, and membership directory provide a host of networking opportunities and chances to gain exposure in the ag comm industry. Join AAEA to connect with leaders and advance your career with like-minded friends.

*Memberships are based on a calendar year. Membership renewals begin November 1st.

Membership Types

Editorial: you are an individual working for a general or specialized agricultural publication or media outlet published in the United States or Canada and which either (1) has paid circulation and/or (2) accepts paid advertising. The primary source of funding for the media outlet comes from either paid circulation or paid advertising. Your primary job function is media and content creation.

Associate: You are engaged in content creation, photography, video, design, digital and social media, blogging or other communications work directly related to publishing content about agriculture or food. Individuals engaged in agricultural communications work for a governmental agency, an educational institution, a non-profit institution or foundation, or an agribusiness company are eligible for associate membership.

Partner: You are employed by an agribusiness company, marketing and public relations agency, commodity organization, government agency or if you support ACN but do not have an editorial or content generation function. Communicators who primarily advocate for a position or are sponsored content providers are eligible for partner membership.

*Membership discounts are available for freelancers, students, and retired ag communicators.

**Membership dues are $235 before 12/31. On 1/1, dues increase to $260. $10 of every membership is donated to the AAEA Professional Improvement Foundation.


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